Anyone got any ideas

Anyone got any ideas?

  • Could be dodgy connection ?

  • If you hold the clutch in, does it still cut out? If not, I'd suspect dodgy side stand switch.

  • Did cut out once with clutch in... But only once..

  • Just played the video with sound, can't hear any sound of it trying to turn over? sorry if I'm missing something...

    Mine cut out and then failed to start once last week after a wash, don't know why. Giving it a fair bit of gas while hitting the starter and holding it for 5-10 seconds cleared it, assumed I had water where it didn't belong.

  • The bike will stall if your in gear and you lower the kickstand

  • Yeah but if the bike is in Neutral it shouldn't...

  • Don't worry about the stand or clutch switches. If the neutral light is intermittent then that where you fault is. Start with a look at the plug, then bring it to the dealer.

  • I fitted my side exit nambam race system and it was sound and then done airbox mod next day and day or 2 after cant remember if it was raining i think it was as i came from a mates down road and didnt put the bung in i tried n it went to then died and just turned over and then let it settle and tried it wouldnt and was on starter a good 5-10 seconds as my mate/ next door neighbour was looking at me like 'DA FUQ' haha but walked round other side let it settle again and boom fired up as usual and some time it likes abit of throttle to start when warm ever so often sometimes stoppin n starting but had 80on the clock out of the 7 month old girl done over 4k n nearly 1.5k in last 3 week as been off it altofether over month n half since owned it :'(

  • Sorry for the para just explaining what i get some times anyone else get the same ??

  • Could be a bad connection or faulty gear sensor if the N light is flickering. Get it checked out under warranty!