Anyone got any news on the new msx

Anyone got any news on the new msx

U.K sale date

My dealers being very coy about it


  • i contacted Honda UK via twitter last week, they had no clue

  • Honda doesn't give much info to dealers on releases. Here in the US we find out about new models on the same day as the customer. I've worked for Kawasaki, Polaris, KTM and a few others and Honda is the first one that REALLY keeps their mouth shut with new product. Kinda sucks

  • Its going to be this month, I was going to get it but I decided to get the 2015 instead :p

  • My dealer told me July when I picked up my CB...

  • I'm sure my Honda dealer said something about being able to buy one as off next month

  • Honda UK don't get much notice on anything apparently - 2-3 weeks if that then it just arrives. Lol

  • U.K. At least gets them! U.S. May not even get 16's this year though too :/ lots of rumors floating around that they'll skip 16 using overstock 15's and we'll see new body 17's

  • Can't be far away as that guy posted they have stock in Belgium now - youd of thought we would of got it first, personally

  • Ok

    Just got off the phone to Honda Farnham

    I've placed a order for a White one

    Orders are being taken from the 09/05/16

    Due to arrive end of May

    Limited colours to hit the uk

    Grey & red other colours to follow in June

    I've asked Honda if they would do a discount for a few bikes ordered

    £100 off for 2 or more bikes

    Prices are staying the same as the old msx for now!! £2899

    I've put a £100 deposit down

    If anyone else would like to order from Farnham Honda you will get a £100 discount, I did ask for more but he told me only 10% profit is made

    £100 is better than nothing I guess

    This price is on the road taxed and registered & fuel

    Anyone get a better discount share it as my deposit is fully refundable

  • ^ I'd rather not order from that disgustingly run place! Was treated like absolute sh*t when we went there actively looking to buy a brand new grom CASH on the same day!

  • That's your choice

    I would guess that a discount could be had at any dealer

    You will have to order unless stock is in the showroom

  • I would genuinely have a grom right now if they hadn't acted the way they did! Treating us like shit and then when they asked us what sort of finance we'd like to pay and we said "cash" they changed their tune. I would not ever order from a place that does that tbh. Hope everyone else gets better service

  • Neil

    I'm not happy myself with one of the salesman in Farnham

    But there's always bad story's in most dealers not just bike dealers

    I'm happy with any kind of discount

    £100 isn't much but better than nowt

    If your looking for one go ask for a discount at another dealership,

    If one can offer it I'm sure others can

    The price for the bike is £2899

    He said that it's quite possible it will go up very shortly

    I'm paying cash and told him so

  • Bellvue Honda in Southend told me August as i wanted to order one.

  • Honda have had a update email today

    Well Farnham have so he tells me

    Might be worth you calling your dealer

  • I was just bout to say may wish was originally. August September

  • The MSX was launched in May 2013 and I know May 2014 was when the new colours where launched, and I am sure the 2015 model year was launched in May as well. So no surprise the 2016 Model Year launches late spring again.