Anyone got experience with drilling out the plugs for the carburetor mixture...

Anyone got experience with drilling out the plugs for the carburetor mixture screws on a '96 VT600? Need to adjust air/fuel mixture due to deceleration backfire (aftermarket exhausts).

Think I found the correct plug for the left side, near the throttle, but I guess I need to take off the air filter housing for the one on the right side? Saw some video's on YouTube but not for a clear indication on the screw locations for my year/model.

  • Make very sure you have the correct plug! I can't really help you on the 600, as I've done them on an 1100. But most carbs have several plugs, and drilling out the wrong one will mean you're not riding again, until you figure out how to plug it, if even possible!

    Aside from that, drilling them out is very easy, just be very carful not to go too deep and damage the screw, and also be very careful not to damage the threads that are on the outer edge of the plug. Ideally should be done with a drill press, but I've done it by hand before as well. Then once you drill through the plug, just use a screw driver or pick to pop out what's left of the plug.

  • Thanks. I indeed want to be dead sure before I start drilling holes

  • TJ Brutal Customs have some really good vids on removing the plugs

    Look him up on fb

  • Seen some of his clips indeed in the meantime. Think I know where to be and what I need to do.

    Found this one as well.

    Was a great help: v=eSky1ZfHdhA&feature=share

  • Cool

    Let me know how you go with it as once winter comes in here in Australia I'm gonna put either velocity stacks or hypercharger onto my bike so I'll probly have to do it also

  • You've got a 600 as well? I will take pictures during the process.

  • Na I've got a 750 but shouldn't be much different

  • True. Shouldn't be many difference between those. Will keep you posted. Trying to make some time for it during the weekend.

  • Update: found them and adjusted mixture. Seems to run smooth now. Still need to take her for a ride, but it's bad weather so postponing that.

  • Indeed needed to remove air filter housing to get to the one on the right side. But was peace of cake. Decided to drill out with several sizes of drills, working up from small to larger, until it was large enough. Didn't get the plug out, but hole was large enough to fit a small screwdriver. Do need to be VERY careful not to push on the drill. It's very thin and punched a hole right through with the smalllest drill.