Anyone got spare CBR coils going Want to do the coil upgrade There some on...

Anyone got spare CBR coils going? Want to do the coil upgrade. There some on ebay for sale but they are 2007-2008 coils. Anyone know if those years are suitable?

  • you will also need the cbr600f4i coil loom

  • I thought you just need the cbr600rr coils and wires?

  • you need at least have of the cbr coil loom, not the entire bike look. the coil loom has four connectors, as the bike has four coils, if you buy a secondhand coil loom you split it into 2 and sell the other half onto someone else whose doing the conversion

  • Make a lot of difference Martin Vtr?

  • improves turning, at the expense of a little stability. but for dive and bottoming out will be your enemy, hence fresh oil and stiffer prings

  • I was on about the coils!!.....but that aside, I'm thinking that the previous owner had the front end played with...I'll try and call him, seem to remember him saying something although i'm probably wrong.

  • doh just realised what I did lol, I think the coils make a difference mate, I have them on my bike, tbh if your bikes done over 20k, chances are your coils have seen better days, tbh it's more the ht leads, but they're all in one with storms

  • Martin Vtr 22k on clock.

  • putting it on track I wouldn't bother with them mate, keep your budget low

  • I don't need an expensive immaculate bike to be worrying about as i'm exiting left rather than right and on my arse....much rather a cheapie to bin than something new.

  • 2002 to 2006 cbr rr works

  • the best coil are for the cbr600f4i, not the cbr600rr.

  • The guide you link to says 600rr coils?

  • I know mate, but ask Peter Neil Beckingham his opinion

  • Bollocks I've just bought 03/04 600RR coils and loom? Will that work?

  • 600rr is what I have John Boon. All is well

  • Phew

  • lets clear this up, you can use 600rr, even certain blade stick coils, but the best ones are from the cbr600f4i, as I say just ask Peter Neil Beckingham

  • Martin is right,

    I brought 600rr and yes they appeared to work, they worked better than the coil packs but when it was on the dyno the guy said there was something wrong with the firing, after a bit of playing around it showed up that the resistance in the rr's was way out. I went and brought the correct ones 600F4i and that changed it all,

    Fired up without an issue, ran sweet, the dyno guy was much happier, if you want it work 100% get the F4i ones, otherwise you will have underlying issues that might not show till its to late.

  • Thanks Peter Neil Beckingham!

  • Thats worrying Peter Neil Beckingham!

  • Seriously? No issue with mine.

  • I have no issues with mine, nor henry.

  • If your not happy with your upgrade i will replace yours, for f4i.

  • Lets see how it goes matey! But thanks ;)

  • So anyone know where to get f4i coils? Can't find them anywhere.

  • usa is the generally the cheapest place, even with shipping and tax costs

  • Ok Gents,

    The 600rr should work as there resistance is set .6 - .8 Vtr runs at .7 so it should work fine,(but my ones didn't)

    The 1000rr is 1.2 - 1.8(I think) so these will work but it will also throw other reading out in firing etc, I used the 600rr but for some reason on the dyno when I had it jetted, in my eyes it ran and felt fine, but in the hands of a professional race bike mechanic he could tell it was out, he told me to look for the same resistance as the coils, this came out to be 100% with the F4i ones,

    That's the CBR 01/06 model,

    If your bikes running fine then all good, go and stick it on the dyno and see what they say,

    Not saying your wrong just saying what worked and didn't work for me,

  • Thanks for your response,