Anyone had the rear light fail I m running it quite hard on the rear shock but...


Anyone had the rear light fail? I'm running it quite hard on the rear shock but the tail started to flicker then the brake failed. New unit from Honda was £35 but this is only about 3 months/2K since stiffer shock. I'm guessing it's the PCB, but I'll rip it to bits and have a look.

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  • i ride hard never an issue

  • what do u mean fail? not work at all? mines got jammed on.. that kinda counts as a fail haha

  • As I said, the tail started to flicker. Then that failed altogether, then the brake light failed. Brand new unit and all is fine again.

  • Sounds like you have a loose connection somewhere

  • Eh?

  • If your light was flickering ect it sounds as if you have a dodgey connection in the wiring

  • Replacement worked perfectly, so there's nothing wrong with my wiring

  • Could have been the plug..

  • Right?