• Anyone have a 350x twist throttle for sale

    Anyone have a 350x twist throttle for sale?

    • I seen this one but didn't know how good it was. Good one?

    • never used it, but its steel with a plastic twist and also comes with the cable. Looks good to me.

    • Got a similar one one my bike , never had any issue except when I play in heavy mud. It need a good cleanup afterward so the dirt don't jam it! Even that one on eBay looks a bit better than mine! But mine is about 10years old

    • I have a motion pro on my quadracer and works great. My 350x is twist too and I'm happy with it but not sure of the brand

    • The only thing I hate about a twist is that you can't hold the front brake and give it gas at the same time which means no smoke show!

    • I have a twist throttle and some special race carb I pulled off my old 350x when I restored it. I'd do the whole set up for $100

    • its like a flat slide carb