Anyone have a rough idea what a 12000 mile service is going to cost Is it...

Anyone have a rough idea what a 12000 mile service is going to cost? Is it worth having the top end checked, it's not noisy, can do most of the service myself,

  • So the general consensus is... DIY, in ten years it's never been in the shop, was going to treat her.

  • The guy that did my tyres said he'd service mine for £170 that's the cleaning of calipers too anther £25 to do a compression check to establish whether valve clearances needed doing an the £150 to carry out valve clearance work

    But I'm told the likely hood is it won't need doing unless you can here it back fire or some such or won't tick over properly

    As long as you change oil and filters regular it shouldn't ever need doing

  • I was told the same by 2 garages, if i insist they will take my cash but they said not to bother because its very very rare for anything to need adjusting.

  • Drop it down and ring its neck. That'll clear the valves

  • The biggest thing you can do with any engine is the basics of oil and filter change,air filter check (easy on the Cbf),plugs (in my view only when needed or quick check),if anything goes wrong then i would consider a mechanic because working it out a half hour for them with all the tools could possibly be about 3 hours for me,tyres for instance not worth bothering with,so it's what suits you best really.

  • It knows who's boss

  • Thanks for the advice, I'll carry on with what I can do myself, would love to change tyres,

  • the valve checks and "plug renewal"is done at 16000 mile service.

  • looks like a 12000ml service will cost £250-£300 from Honda dealer. Obviously cheaper from independent. Couldn't find a cost for 16000ml service. it would be significantly more I would have thought. I have also read that a lot of Biffer owners have left the valve clearance check till the 32000ml service. Best to get it done if your not going to have the bike for that long.

  • It doesn't have a 12000 mile service

  • My local Honda dealer charges £400 for the 16000mile service including valve check.

  • This is taken from mk1 manual. Also applies to mk2

  • Mk2 manual.

  • Need to check that scotty coz was told by dealer that 4000 , 8000 then the big service of plugs n valves at 16000