Anyone have a solution to the fading yellowish color on these Clark tanks

Anyone have a solution to the fading, yellowish color on these Clark tanks? Got new rear maier, front fender and tank shrouds coming... Can't be having the yellow tank

  • Plastic is porous so slowly over time the gas seeps through the plastic causes it to be yellow ,if you paint it with just normal paint it will flake off you're better off to use the products suggested over paint

  • You can see where it sat for a while with a third of a tank

  • There is a product out there called red coat for plastic tanks for an inner lining but it literally will turn the inside red. Idk if it will fade it red from the outside or not. But it won't do much good if you can't get that fade out. You can try to plastidip it but you will need to prep it right.

  • You might find good results with 3 gallon bucket filled with water, one cup of bleach, an any household dish detergent. Let tank set submerged overnight. Good Luck !

  • Thanks guys. Give a couple of these suggestions a try this weekend, hate to spend a bunch on a new tank, when I have a plastic one in good shape and a metal one I'm going to restore eventually.

  • Wesley bleach white and SOS pad works all the time will look like new

  • Nothing works for a white plastic tank it will always be like this unless you paint or plastic dip it I literally tryed everything with my cr tank that did this too, best advise get a new tank

  • But if you paint it you need a tank liner because the fumes will seep out and bubble and crack the paint

  • Plasti dip sucks!

  • You would have to soak it, line it, then paint it in order for the paint not to flake off after a couple weeks.