• Anyone have an idea of how much if any value there is to a K N air filter for...

    Anyone have an idea of how much if any value there is to a K&N air filter for the Storm?


    • My mate races a millie...an uses stock paper filters! No need to piss about with jettin... youd be better off 'sprockettin' ya bike....say 14T up front...and 43T on the rear!

      That'll give it a more revvie feel an awsome excelleration!

    • you can get a k&n to work properly, but it can take lot's of dyno time, which equals lots of money, personally I use a stock filter, and a factory pro jet kit because I run a full akra exhaust

    • I've fitted K&N with dynojet kit before and bike ran perfect, dyno run proved it too without extra set up. That was on one i had years ago, did a mates bike at the same time and it was spot on too.. got same set up to put on my current one (when i get time) will see if it works again.

    • No flatspot on quarter throttle?

    • no, both bikes ran better than standard everywhere. dynojet kits were fitted carefully and properly including drilling the slides. I took mine to 5 race wins and a lap record and it was my road bike i took on track just for a bit of fun. on track though i used a stock filter with all the paper taken out so just a gauze, still used same jetting and still ran great, not sure how but dyno showed running perfect.

    • Brand new K&N and agree with above comments.

    • Bogged down in low and top end :-( Bike is standard other than filter although due a service. Just waiting to get my hands on MCCT

    • Mine came with k&n fitted. Massive flat spit mid range. Removed and fitted a hiflo filter. Runs much better now. Fuelling is spot on and it's burning less fuel...

    • The vtr filter has a plastic wall that goes along the width which when installed, leaves a thin gap for air to flow. The K&N doesn't have this, neither the BMC race. The BMC road though does and you still get restriction in the airbox. I use it with a dyno kit and 50 pilots; no issues.

    • I take it from the replies then the K&N filter isn't worth a lot because that was my question! I'll stick it on the bay then, I thought someone here might have wanted it!

    • I stated it's worth around 35 quid posted second hand if in reasonably good nick mate

    • I've seen them go for as little as £20, but in good condition, freshly cleaned and oiled, with the two rubber bungs that come with the filter, you should get between £30 and £40, gwls mate

    • When I put my K&N filter in, it coincided with the fitting of the full Moriwaki exhaust- and as Marty states it took several hours of work to get it all to work together properly.

      Having said that, it's a while since I had it done so would be hard pushed to say if it makes any really noticeable difference. I suppose the way to tell would be to ride mine back to back with a standard VTR.

      The biggest advantage to a K&N as far as I'm concerned is from a financial point- you buy the cleaner and oil in a kit and give it a good wash and re oil once a year. Because my bike has been properly set up I don't have any flat spots at all, and it will pull to the redline in all gears. But who knows? Perhaps these filters, as with most things VTR are a personal choice. I do believe you have to spend some decent money on these machines (which I have over the years) because as standard they are quite rough and ready, refining the suspension is a must- closely followed by braking performance- something which I have a little bit of experience of having done a few experiments with.

    • Cheers guys

    • I use K&N with a mod to resemble the plastic wall. The guy who has dynojetted the bike made it from sheet aluminum. He said he has made the remark at K&N years ago as an improvement, but they have never picked it up. Bike runs perfect, very smooth (for a V2), no flat spots at all!

    • I didn't know but I have a K&N on my VTR. No problems whatsoever.