Anyone have any input on installing a remote starter and alarm I m thinking I...


Anyone have any input on installing a remote starter and alarm? I'm thinking I'd want to do that in the near future.

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  • It's just another chinese ruckus clone (chuckus)

  • Yeah you have to figure out wiring to get remote start working on taotao...

  • O.P. needs to specify what chuck he has

  • It's all a gy6 harness right? What kind shouldn't matter. Find the right wires and go in on it.

  • OP already did it's a TaoTao... Mike Schmidt they're not all the same... maddogs have an accessory plug which allows the alarm to be plug and play unlike taotao and bash variants don't have the accessory plug so you have to figure out wires and jump 1 wire to another back to 1 wire to the alarm...

  • In other words it's a pain in the ass to wire remote start on a taotao

  • Sorry for the miscommunication. I have a 2015 Icebear Maddog. I was under the impression that the Maddog was the only chuckus. I didnt think a Tao Tao was because it doesnt look like a clone of the ruckus. Thx for the input, guys.

  • Also, will a 12V/9AH battery work on a 50cc or is it safer to run the 12V/7AH?

  • I ran a westco 12v 7ah on my 50cc and it lasted me 2 years.

  • Where can I find one?

  • If you have a maddog then there is a plug in the battery box that has 1 wire in it. The plug should be red. Unplug the connector with the 1 wire looped and plug in the alarm and your ready to go.

  • I bought mine from a local shop because it had a warranty. Mighty max batteries are the most used on here and you can find the link/model number for it on start here tutorial. Alarm hook up info is also on there.

  • Found for $10 cheaper. Quality difference?

  • Yeah that one you posted has the wrong posts and you'll have cut off the ends of your battery terminal wires and put clip on connectors on it. The link I posted is the cheap already. Westco is 60 plus and lithium are 100 plus which would be your other few choices... don't cheap out on a battery...

  • I think the one I found wont work. Terminals are wrong. However, I found the right one on amazon for $16.99

  • YTX9-BS is the model number isn't that on the 1 you buy then it's the wrong mighty max battery. Don't be like my friend who wanted to save money and order a battery that's way to small and didn't work at all...

  • Ok. I know which plug you're speaking of. Thx, bruh.

  • Thx for the info. Always appreciated.

  • If this is the one you speak of its not a mighty max it's a Chinese crap brand like stock. It's 5 dollars shipping unlike the eBay 1 that's free so with shipping you'd save 5 bucks by getting the Chinese crap off amazon compared to the real name brand 1 hundreds of people in this group have used with no issues...

  • Understand. I'll cop the batt from ebay. Last thing I want is to have unnecessary trouble with the battery. I'm tired of kick starting this bitch. Taking a toll on my foot.

  • Yeah kick starting sucks after a while. Haha