Anyone have one of these. Namely on a 15 65 plate. what re you like


Anyone have one of these? Namely on a 15/65 plate.... what're you like?

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  • Beat me to it

  • I've one on my sf

  • Is it really loud?

  • Build quality good? I would hope so at nearly £500

  • I like my shortened yoshi

  • Is that a real yoshi?

  • No. it's pretty good from Thailand. Cost like $170. But I cut and rewelded it to go underneath

  • Got one on my monster! Loud as @@@@

  • Although it's worth bearing in mind that a £400 exhaust in the US will basically cost you £630 by the time it gets to the UK!!

  • I had 1 but was to loud with bbk , sud be ok on standard

  • love that look. Thinking of getting the SC project version on mine but it's a grand -_-

  • OHR rear shock? Think I have the same one it's amazing can't believe the price I got it for!

  • $130 bucks?

  • My favorite system. Bought my m4 because it had the near identical same tone and was only around 350 shipped

  • Yeah I like it mate wanted to have something different but just as good as the tyga/yoshi everyone seems to go for

  • Yeah I looked at all available options, but most still covered the single side swingarm to some extent. Thought the Werkes looked the best by far. And yeah, but the time you get a custom map even the £400 Werkes is well over a grand once you get it back in the UK