Anyone have problems with the threads breaking off in the crankcase. drain plug

Anyone have problems with the threads breaking off in the crankcase (drain plug) of there rancher? Seems like a horrible design and I am supposed to meet with the regional Honda rep tomorrow. Would just like to hear from a few others having the same problem. I see a lot in the different forums.

  • ??

  • No. Push button.

  • I agree Tim Allen but it does work fine. I can't count how many drain plugs I have taken in and out of these machines with no issues. The design does work, it just isn't forgiving. It sucks you got someone's mistake though.

  • $318 for new case

  • Roy I'm guessing your a Honda / atv mechanic. It's good to hear you don't have any trouble with them .. I was somewhat concerned that even after I get the case replaced that it would be a potential problem. But assuming I'm correct in your occupation it's nice to have the input from someone with extensive experience. I'm sure the problem will be taken care of soon ,the owner of the company where I bought it is being cooperative. Ready to ride, just wanted to know others thoughts.

  • Lol all the Hondas I have owned... not just ranchers have this problem. ...

  • Yes Tim Allen. 25+ years working on these machines and riding them longer than that. I have 3 Ranchers personally and never had an issue.

  • I am a atv/ motorcycle mechanic also.... and all the quads I've owned personally have either been stripped out or threads torn out.... majority of Hondas I get in at the shop have same issue... more than ktm, Yamaha or Suzuki.... now all this is from what I believe is the owners or previous owners not torturing them correctly. ...

  • Kevin, do you go by the torque specs? I don't, I just snug them up. I have seen many that the washer was mushroomed over the drain plug and had to be cut off to remove it. The 18 ft/lb Honda recommends is too high IMO. I would say mine would be in the 12 ft/lb range. If the sealing washer is good they stay tight and seated.

  • No I don't go by the factory specs.... the most I'll put them is around 13-14 max.... but it's usually between 10-13ft lbs I torque to.... I don't use a torque wrench on it... as I snug it then give it a slight tap... that's it.... and absolutely 18ft lbs is too much imo also