Anyone have this fairing for sale

Anyone have this fairing for sale

  • Carl Glenn pm me please

  • It looks like you have the S-28 in your original pic to this post. On my '85 Sabre I had one of those, but it was too short (for me). I sold it to a buddy (with a different bike), and then bought the S-02 which is taller and eliminated the wind buffeting around my helmet. For a Magna, the s-28 would probably be better if you have a choice. torcycle/2-1-1x-2/

  • Thanks

  • Carl Glenn i sent u a message

  • I've had both the slipstreamer and the national cycle. I'd recommend the Plexistar 2. Much better mounting brackets too.

  • I think mines is to short

  • Makes the bikes look like a old man should ride...let the wind hit you..and the bugs

  • There's a reason us old men are old. We learned along the way and did enough smart things to survive! At least we did enough smart things to outweigh the stupid things along the trip...

  • If you ride on the interstate a lot I can see this.but around town..takes that look away..

  • Put this Tracy fairing on my '83 V45 when I bought it. I have the bigger tombstone windshields of my other 2 cruiser bikes. I wouldn't ride without a windshield anymore. Tired of eating bugs.. :P