• Anyone in Melbourne Sydney or better yet Tassie Hobart with a spare valve...

    Anyone in Melbourne/Sydney(or better yet, Tassie/Hobart) with a spare valve cover they want to post me (I'll reimburse you plus whatever you want for the part)? Wreckers doesn't open until the 4th otherwise, is off a '91 if that makes any difference. Also, tips on getting the inspection window cover? I've gotten the larger "adjust" one off with a 50 cent piece and some vice grips, but cannot get anything to grab well enough on the inspection port cover, just pops out as soon as I start to turn.

    • I used a small screwdriver and a hammer and tapped it counter clockwise with it sitting on the edge of the slot

    • Not 100% sure but i heard you can use thumpstar valve caps

    • They are on ebay19 bucks freee post and genuine honda part with free oring- lambda motors

    • Yeah, I like Lambda and have ordered from them before, but they're up in Queensland, so by the time it got down here I could have probably just gotten one at the wreckers for less than a new part.

    • Okok -

    • Yeah, at that point I'd just probably wait. The bike isn't running properly at the moment so it's not the only thing keeping me off the road, unfortunately (unless I can get the inspection port open and it turns out they're really out of whack).

    • I am in hobart and I have 2 spare of these valve covers?

    • That would be awesome! Inboxing you now

    • Cameron Johnson haha

    • If you replace it with a used one make sure you replace the rubber seal underneath so you don't have to over tighten.

    • If anyone else is in Hobart with spare valve covers, still looking. Otherwise I guess I'll be waiting until wreckers opens on the 4th.

    • Also, found an easy way to get that inspection port cap off: the standard driver on my Leatherman (which normally seems too big to be good for anything) fit perfectly, grabbed it with a long adjustable spanner and was able to break it loose. Unfortunately the exhaust valve cover had been rounded off pretty badly by a PO, and I just made it worse, so no valve inspection for me. My best idea is to try and chase down a 17mm hex nut (or just an old 17mm socket from a bin at the tip, maybe?), use a 2 part epoxy to get that good and on there, and then grab the new nut with adjustable spanner and try and break it free that way.