Anyone know anything about spoked wheels for the grom

Anyone know anything about spoked wheels for the grom?

  • These guys do

  • They're too big

  • There's nothing at the moment. Saw pictures of these a few weeks ago. Nothing available on the site when I checked. Been considering having a set made. I really want wire wheels on my Grom, like really badly.

  • Also here's a picture of one of the concept groms last year with a set of wires on it. I want so badly.

  • Spoked wheels will be heavier than cast. You will lose out on acceleration due to the weight of the wheels.

    Adventure bikes have cast as they are stronger, can be trued but at the scarface of weight

  • Sacrifice!

  • They look 1,000,000x better than cast though. I'm also going for the adv look anyways and I want my Grom to be ready for any abuse I throw it's way.

  • They're still cast with faux spokes. They're not true spoked

  • Have you had a set in your hands? All the spoked adv wheels I've seen weren't cast at all.

  • If you throw abuse at those wheels they'll last about 5 seconds compared to the standard wheels

  • Making a generalization that all wire/spoked wheels are cast isn't true. Also the reason they use them on adv bike is because they can take harder hits than cast without cracking. They flex instead of crack. There's a good reason sumos use wire wheels.

  • I didn't make a generalisation at all. I also own a 'sumo' bike. I offered what a true spoked wheel was. The 'spoked' wheel you showed was a cast wheel. If you gave that any abuse other than a small kerb or speed hump , it would crack.

    There are limitations to spoked as well. They're a fucker to clean - I speak from experience. Expensive to maintain if spokes break. They can go out of true quite quickly and destabilise the bike

  • Not trying to be a twat or anything but how can you tell the wheels I showed were cast? They arn't even publicly available yet. I'm still gonna get a set when they are available. Hope they aren't cast.

  • Just from the way the spokes mount the rim. Have a look at some of the sports bikes wheels that are in that style. Bmw gs cast wheels look spoked like that but they're not. They have the look but none of the capability

  • These looked spoked but, are actually cast. Bang them against a kerb and they will buckle with no possible rectification available MG/crop/201203/2012-bmw-g650gs -and--9_800x0w.jpg

  • Those look cast not spoke at all

  • Agreed not even close to looking like spokes. The picture of the Grom in front of the graffiti obviously doesn't have wire wheels as it's mine currently. The other two examples I posted are 100% real wire wheels, one laced up on the bike and the other with just hubs and hoops.

  • Crf wheels?

  • Found them spoked but crf50 wheels are only 10" I believe