Anyone know if the ProTaper xr 50 bars fit the sf


Anyone know if the ProTaper xr 50 bars fit the sf?

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  • They will but they don't give enough room for the switch gear, brake and throttle. The klx110 bars do so I believe.

  • Damn thanks mate

  • I have the xr 50 fits fine on my one

  • On your sf? And no probs with the cables being to short mate?

  • I have old shape but as I'm aware everything's the same

  • I think cables are a bit shorter on the new shape so might not fit so that's the question i want to know

  • I got xr50 on my SF I was about 10mm short either end but time I put some bar ends on it was fine

  • I had them on mine and all good

  • Klx110 bars are mint. Fit perfectly

  • Think i may put the klx110 bars then and there still high which is what i want, looks good mate cheers

  • I had those on my mk1 and as above statement the only thing you really need to do is fit bar ends in my renthal titanium bar ends were wasted as the yellow and grey pro taper grips covered them up!

  • Buy some RFX fat bars the risers instead of over £80 for renthal risers are only £26 and bars are bit more around £64- £69 rather than the XR50 pro tapers at £47.99 what I paid new ??

  • I like the look of the protapers xr50 as they come up high! I have them on my mk1, want them again on my sf but might need longer cables that's the only problem.

  • You could be right buddy guess these are fairly low so I was lucky with my £69.99 puuuurchase lol

  • I fitted xr50s to my sf and changed for a longer cable

  • What cable was it that u changed?

  • Msx125accessories sell them I got one when I ordered a few month back