Anyone know if there is an import charge when ordering directly from TYGA


Anyone know if there is an import charge when ordering directly from TYGA?

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  • order from Gavin Greenall mate he to tyga uk dealer !

  • No because they have a UK distributor with uk stock.

  • cheers Danny , Gavin how much do you sell the carbon full system for?

  • I think it's like £285 minus our 10% discount

  • cheers mate just i seen on their website the carbon full system is £197 quid but i seen someone on here selling theirs second hand for £230

  • 256.50 with delivery

  • Order direct from tyga you have shipping import duty and vat to pay. Order through jap4 all that is taken care of new system 256.50 with delivery and group discount

  • That would be the slip on only

  • For £197

  • Slip on is 180 to members

  • Jack Dempsey Osborne it was the full system mate but without shipping and tax etc. Gavin ill save up the extra 50 quid and order from you, do you have a site or just contact you and paypal it?

  • I thought it was only Ben that done the discount??

  • No we get 10% off all Tyga stuff too

  • Lol class!!

  • Jordy Byker easier to buy from Gavin Greenall , UK warranty is worth the weight in gold, it would cost you silly money to send the exhaust abroad to any warranty repair. grab a tail tidy too :)

  • Asif Khetab thanks mate and i would like one but i think i prefer the look of the R&G tailtidy

  • Looking at getting some black tyga levers if you can help Gavin?

  • Just buy my one!

  • Ben hylands and Gavin are the big guns in the UK mate

  • You mean Ben Harman not Ben Hylands

  • ffs jack shhhh I've not had my coffee

  • ffs jack shhhh I've not had my coffee

  • Jordy Byker Love your videos btw, will you be doing a install video on the Tyga like the Delkovic on your old SV? :)

  • Jody just give me a shout when you are ready

  • Yeah just give me a shout with what you want

  • Asif Yeah I could do the video if people are interested :D