Anyone know if there s anything I can do that s relatively cheap to stiffen my...


Anyone know if there's anything I can do that's relatively cheap to stiffen my suspension? I'm big lad and if I go over a bump or anything the suspension bottoms out as you can see in the picture..

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  • Change the fork oil

  • That won't stiffen it will just slow the way it dives he needs heavy springs to stop them bottoming out


  • Josh heavier springs and thicker oil or Ohlins Internals mate but if you gunna be stunting it Ohlins is the way to go

  • Bit out of my price range as a student unfortunately

  • Josh Scott Warren , we have Just the Stiffer Ohlins springs, if you need something more budget friendly.

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  • Ok 20w oil and reduce the air gap they'll bottom out still but will do it slower than already... Cheapest way to improve them

  • On the plus side? Looks sick lowered

  • Stiffer springs and thicker oil are a good set up how much do you sell springs for delivered to the uk?

  • Just a shame it's not lowered haha. That's what 110kg and wheelies will do

  • Karl, sent you a PM

  • Put a socket with the same diameter as the inside of your forks onto the top of your springs.. should help too

  • I'm also curious how much it is to the UK

  • Sorry, Josh Scott Warren, only 1 a day. ;-)



  • Damn, beaten to it haha

  • Heavier spring weight needed.

  • I put a jack up kit on mine, actually puts the spring on more of an angle therefor harder to compress, seemed to stiffen the rear up and give it a little night

  • Is that the Thai jack up bracket? Any trouble with chain clearance?

  • Yeah mate absolutely none tbh

  • Do you have a link to the jack up kit? I can't find them anywhere

  • Christ took me ages to find on eBay it's under height link I thing it's 14.99 if that helps one sec

  • Hope this helps

  • That's the one. They do black too if you ask nicely ;)

  • I've ordered the black one, see how it goes