Anyone know the jet sizes after cutting down exhausts


Anyone know the jet sizes after cutting down exhausts ?

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  • Ask jay ,think he would no,but this might give you an idea? This guy talks about cut down exhausts and matching jets

  • Dyno that shit. Really would love to dyno my bike and see where I'm at.

  • There is no definitive set up, many baselines that many people agree or disagree on. Find a baseline that works and tweak from there. It's long and laborious. Sadly I find it fun :-P

  • dyno themselves recommend the same size jet front and back ,i have a comparison chart somewhere for different manufacturers sizes ill add when i find it

  • They also recommend an extra lift hole and to have the rear pilot richer than the front. I've found completely the opposite works best with an extra shim on the rear needle works best.

  • Henry Rea .... think we need to look at my set up while I'm servicing it over Xmas break... why doesn't it pull in 6th like Paul's???

  • John Boon if your losing top end in 6th I'd check all vacuum lines and petcock. (So long as the basics are good)

  • Naaah, not that matey.... she's running like a dream.... but our mates is just quicker and he won't divulge his secret! Lol

  • Ahhh, sprocket it, or get a cbr1000rr lol. My cousins f4i walks away from the storm after 2nd gear kinda aggravating. Lol

  • Yea because the solution to any problem is to just buy another bike

  • May try the nedle lift see of that helps out at all :-) ty for the info guys

  • I'm thinking SP-1 or two engine!

  • 150 in 3rd dose sound good lol!

  • There was a bulk load of sp 2 engines on evay not too long agp £1500 each lol

  • I'd GLADLY swap the carbs with something like Keihin FCR41s. Somebody did that, would be curious to find out if the bike got better.

  • My engine tips are a secret ;) indicated 180 is damn fun though