Anyone know what this bolt hole is for

Anyone know what this bolt hole is for?

I've fitted a 143cc kit and now oil is leaking from it. I might put a bolt in to stop the leak but wanted to make sure its not ultra critical :)


  • How easy of a process is it fitting a 143cc kit? And is it worth the money?

  • Yeah really easy, there's loads of info and videos to follow. Just make sure you do everything up tight unlike me

  • And how much are kits going for?

  • And I would say it was worth doing, not a massive difference but enough to make it worthwhile

  • Okay nice one

  • Why only 143 cc?

  • Anymore and they're silly money

  • 160-170cc are perfect

  • Where are people getting their kits from? Best places/prices

  • Finbro. Search for monkey father on facebook or ask Awirut, the owner and rep.

    There's also kits from Takegawa Kitaco and various others but you will see much less power from their 181 than finbro 183, unless you stump up for the four valve kit