Anyone know where I can buy the front turn signal assembly Just got a 2005...

Anyone know where I can buy the front turn signal assembly. Just got a 2005 aero and it came with no signals and no brackets/mount up from.

  • Is it just a sticker on top of the paint or was it cleared over

  • It's cleared over on this year. Unfortunately.

  • Mine is 05 as well

  • Yea you'd have to sand off the clear to get the sticker off than. I can tell that's what the previous owner did because of the discoloration on the side of the tank. I'm thinking about reprinting the bike matte white down the road anyways tho

  • Yeah, I want to paint mine a matte grey.

  • I was thinking about a matte white paint job with black chrome covers and black wrapped exhaust.

  • That would look nice.

  • I've got a full turn signal assembly I could sell. It's from an 1100, but bikebandit shows the same part number for the mounting bracket for 1100 and 750. It looks like the plug on the lights is different, so you'd have to splice them onto your wiring.

  • How much would you want for it. I might make this work for now but Id still be interested

  • Sent you a message...