Anyone know where I can get standard chain adjusters from Lost one of mine...


Anyone know where I can get standard chain adjusters from? Lost one of mine last night

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  • All I need is the plate for each side Lee, I have the internals

  • Will take a look see if I can find them

  • Legend!

  • Not found it yet

  • I've got a set of the black plates for you. 20$ plus shipping.

  • Some aftermarket ones online too

  • The aftermarket fell off

  • Oem ones then aha, did u locktite it?

  • Lock rite makes this great new shot called antivibe.

  • I have a standard one in my toolbox I believe mate

  • Do you have two plates that sit on the end of the swingarm?

  • I believe so mate I'll have a look tomorrow when I'm at work, although how did you lose yours?

  • I had the area 22 ones they're shite!

  • Yes mate that's why I'm surprised I lost one

  • Hmm cheap Chinese shit

  • What make were hsy

  • And if you do you're a life saver! Cheers

  • Harry Osborne agreed!

  • Area 22

  • Hmm I don't know anything bout tha make but I'm sure it's all sourced from China

  • Think so mate, I'll stick to the standard ones in future. I just liked them because of the swingarm bobbins

  • Yeah I'd go for drilled axle bobbins

  • Adam Daly I have them also. Came in a used Swingarm I bought. Mines adapted though

  • I have a pair of new ones £15 collection from frimley nr camberley 07917674120 if interested text and I'll send address

  • These mate??