Anyone know why it s doin this. Its back firing to the gas is off to

Anyone know why it's doin this? Its back firing to the gas is off to

  • How much water is still in the oil?

  • None there was never any water in the oil it was right under the handle bars when it drowned out cause the plug on air box came off all we did was blow threw vent lines and hold it wide open and it cranked

  • Ahhhh did you even take the spark plug out when you cranked it? If not really good chance valve are bent, rings are gone, and there will be some damage to crank, piston and connecting rod.

  • No never done it but today I pulled plug and it was soaked I thought maybe it was just cause of it flooding

  • Mine did that and my rings collapsed check compression

  • It still runs and drives fine and don't smoke it just takes 10/20 mins to crank it

  • Only started doin it after I drowned it out

  • Did it do that before without air box on my foreman I have to put my hand over carb to build a little pressure to get it to crank

  • Spark plug was soaked with what... gas, water or oil? I'm guessing the overflow line is plugged so if the float is sticking all the gas is going to go into the intake or airbox. If the intake valve is open when that happens the top end is going to fill with gas.

  • Thanks for the info I'll check and yes does it with air box on to