Anyone near me Brighton free on Saturday with a car van to help me transport...


Anyone near me (Brighton) free on Saturday with a car/van to help me transport some tyres? Gonna ring Gedges in the morning and see how much it'll cost to have my tyres changed over....

I don't trust bungy strapping the tyres to the bike till I get to Pevensey Bay.

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  • Wear them round your neck like some gangsta necklace

  • I could take one in a bag and so could you?

  • Wear them? I've done it with SV tires, grated they are a lot bigger.

  • The tyres would be alright tied down on the bike mate, is it just the weekend only or do you have any days off in the week? Im off for TT Thursday but would try to help beforehand if possible!

  • Ditto. Did you get funny looks too?

  • Pretty sure there come pick them up and your bike ?

  • Oh yes! Felt like the Michelin man!

  • Can you do it Sunday mate

  • Was thinking that, put one on each arm

  • Either weekend or I got Monday - Wednesday off work

  • I can be a white version of Flava Flav.. With a tyre chain instead of a clock

  • Don't tbink they're open sunday

  • Ok shame