• Anyone on here done anything like this I love the rear fender and sprung seat

    Anyone on here done anything like this, I love the rear fender and sprung seat.

    Trying to find a fender the right dimensions is proving tricky though!

    • Check out bluecollarbobbers.com

    • If it's the stock tire I was told 140mm fender. You can get one on eBay

    • Blue collar sucks. They sell the same parts as everyone else, at 10 times the price.

    • This is mine. I have less than 1000 bucks in building and buying the bike.Just a fender kit from bcb costs that lol.

    • Could you do me a couple of closer pics of the seat fixings on the frame please mate? I'd also like to see the rear indicator fixing too, I would REALLY appreciate it pal

    • What website did you use ?

    • I beg to differ sir, if you plan to bash a company please get your facts in order and give accurate information.

    • If you want 700 dollars in a seat and fender on a rebel, thats fine and dandy, Ill still stick with having less than $100 in mine, thanks.

    • Brad it's more like 609 total, and yes some of us prefer to pay more for superb fit and finish

    • Also the owner is supper nice and if you talk to him on the phone he usually gives a discount if you buy more than one thing

    • What's the website?

    • This is the one I build

    • Again blue collar bobbers if you don't want to fabricate your ass off

    • I have no problem fabricating most things, but I don't have an English wheel on which to roll out the compound curve required for a tight fitting mudguard.

    • bluecollarbobbers.com

    • Beautifull

    • That yellow if friggin awesome!!!!