• anyone out there got a a good condition standard rear disc and or rear brake...

    anyone out there got a a good condition standard rear disc and or rear brake pedal for sale?

    • update, a friend has kindly sorted a rear disc for me, so i'm after a rear brake pedal if anyone has one.

    • Why you no ask, got same.

    • hi tony, I'm sorry I forgot to ask you dude, lloydie is having a look to see if he has a brake pedal, if he hasn't got one, would you have a spare knocking around mate. also there's a chance i'll be changing from my Armstrong wavy rear back to a standard rear in the near future, as I want to match the pfm fronts to the rear. so I might still come a knocking on your door in the near future mate

    • I'm home today, if you fancy a ride out.

      Brake lever posted £12 if you want, can get it posted this after

    • No std rear disc though

    • I have no working bike in the uk atm mate, if lloydie hasn't got one, then I could meet you at work early next week mate

    • You could if you like, but as said I can post today if you want

    • tbh I won't need the rear brake pedal until next week mate, and there's still a chance lloydie might have one, as he responded first. if you can hold tight until next week mate, it would be appreciated dude

    • Fair enough.

      I'm only using it as a brake rig to pump pistons out on clutch and brakes to clean and lube them prior to sale, if I sell the brake lever I'll use a front mc, got plenty of those.

    • just to be sure, i'm asking for a rear brake pedal, it's easy to get confused with a brake lever, even i'm getting confused whilst writing this doh!