Anyone own an 83 v45 mag can you take a pic of the clutch slave cylinder in the...


Anyone own an 83 v45 mag can you take a pic of the clutch slave cylinder in the book it says there's a insulator but mine never had one on it and I would like to see if anyone has it on thiers

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  • It's called an insulator because it keeps the engine from overheating the fluid in the slave cylinder.

  • I doubt that. Brake fluid boils at a way higher temp than the engine will produce in that area. I think it's just a spacer so that they could adapt the slave to multiple models

  • Honda calls it an insulator not a spacer. Just sayin'

  • You might call a dog bone engine mount an insulator too. Has nothing to do with heat.

  • The wet boiling point of DOT 3 fluid is 284 degrees F. Oil in an engine can run hotter than the coolant, and on a hot day it can run damn hot, especially if running hard. I wouldn't call 284F "way higher", though it is higher than oil normally gets.

    I should have worded my reply better, though. It would have been better to say that it reduces transference of engine heat to the slave cytlinder. I think heat reduction was a consideration.

  • Please note that 284 is the minimum wet boiling point, in a properly maintained system the boiling point is likely to be closer to 350 or up to/over 400 with new fluid. Especially since the fluid immediately inside the slave has the least chance to absorb moisture after the system is filled.

  • Yes, but might not the designers have been using minimum spec. as a benchmark?

  • Well they overlooked a bunch of other issues along the way so yeah why not?

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