Anyone pull a trailer with a 750 ace Been told it s they recommend dual front...


Anyone pull a trailer with a 750 ace !! Been told it's they recommend dual front brakes !! Opinions would be nice !! Thanks

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  • Dual front brakes would be great but really a 750 can handle it.

    It's like having a passenger and full of luggage, start slowing down before you normally would. After a few surprises you'll be a pro.

  • Ive been trying to figure out how much weight I can put behind my 85 vt700. Need the extra space for camping stuff this spring. Michelle Wiser keep us up to date on your progress. Ive been mulling this idea over and I like where your going.

  • The 750 ace will handle a trailer. No need for dual discs

    All you need to do is calculate the weight you can put against the bike and pack trailer evenly.

    If you don't know what I mean think about a car pulling a caravan . That also needs to be weight ratio 1 for legal reasons and 2 for a safe ride drive

  • I appreciate all the feedback and would like to hear more opinions and options!! Thanks fam

  • What hitch system do people recommend?

  • No problem at all would suggest a swivel hitch, left every thing as standard brakes, clutch, but otherwise no problem.

  • 01 750 ACE. Pulls just fine.

  • the one on the left is a 750 spirit. on the right is a 750 ace

  • 750 ace

  • in the UK there is restrictions must be under a metre wide, nose weight not to exceed 15kilos total trailer weight not to exceed 150 kilos and length from centre of rear axle to end of trailer I think I 2 metres, have been all over Europe not a problem, very popular in Holland and Germany.

  • That's fine parking there mike . Lol