Anyone put a big bore kit in their bike

Anyone put a "big bore kit" in their bike.



Good or bad.

What other mods did you do at the same time.

Seized my motor. Considering going all the way.

  • Ive got a 55mm piston kit from Warrick Penfold and with an exhaust, big carby and a little head work im making nearly double a standard postie on the dyno. bottom end is still stock

  • Sweeeeeet

  • The pict says it all!

  • How are the engine mounts holding up?? mine ripped twice with postie delivery.

  • Same here. Warrick Penfold 55mm piston kit, 26mm carby- manifold to suit, ported head, standard cam, custom exhaust. I'm a lean 120kg and it goes great. Holds it up hills now. Pulls in every gear. No horse power result yet. Dyno soon. Happy as.

  • Hayden Bond Bradley Lambkin what jetting are you running in the 26mm?

  • Straight out of the box. Main 95. Might look at experimenting to bigger mains after talking to some other postie riders. I run 16/45 sprockets.

  • 55mm so.. thats a 120cc set or?

  • 117

  • You can pick up 140cc pit bike engines for around 500 that's another option

  • Don't want no Chinese pit shit.

    Jap Jap all the way.

  • How much was the head ported?? Did you take any pictures, just about to do my spare head

  • they are fine, never had a problem

  • im running a 24mm carby with stock jets