Anyone running a Lithium type battery i like the specs light weight no...


Anyone running a Lithium type battery ?? i like the specs, light weight, no sulfation, cca's etc.... but like a lot of things that look good on paper, real world can be different.

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  • I think my next battery will be by Power Source..Maint-free with 500 amps

  • I am assuming this type battery may be easier on bike charging system also ?

  • I am not sure about easier on the charging system, but the CCA are awesome! The issue I had is that it took out my 3 prong disconnect between the stator and rectifier. So I would strongly suggest fixing the 3 yellow wires before switching to the lithium battery.

  • Sounds like a pretty good deal, I think its around $98.00..I hadn't had too good of luck with battery..I baby them all winter with the tender hooked I unhook the tender for a few days & guess what..battery real I charged it and now okay..maybe a bad connection

  • <-----figures my 32 year old Lady doesn't need any new fangled technology as she's doing just fine... :-) i like to keep it original

  • Wait, are lithium batteries the ones catching fire in cars ?

  • Read up on it. It's not as bad as everyone says.

  • Thanks for the information guys.