Anyone running an autotune on their power commander


Anyone running an autotune on their power commander.

Have a power commander on with a custom map which was done a few years ago. Not feeling perfect at minute as changed air filter.

So can anyone please advise if an autotune add on is any good or better just get it remapped instead.

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  • I've wondered about auto tune myself, hopefully someone has used one.

  • Hi - yes , I had one fitted to my MT07 , I found in winter or wet conditions it wasnt running as well as in summer... the bloke said something about atmospheric conditions...... not sure what a steam train has to do with anything.....

  • but ran a peach after that

  • Dyno and remap gives you the optimum set up with the PCV ....stock brand new item filter is also just as good as aftermarket - on the CB1000R forum there are dyno tests showing no gain with stuff like K&Ns ....

  • I only got the k&n for longevity as got cheaper than a stock filter was at the time. But bike just feels a bit rough at minute.

    I have also had the end can completely rebuilt by scorpion and decat pipe cleaned.

    So think these have all thrown my map off a bit. Just trying to decide if to have remapped or get an autotune.

  • The Rapid Bike Evo is apparently a much better live/on the fly fuel adjustment system - the racing model also includes access to ignition timings - looks well priced and self-fit - the PCV uses a further piggy back auto tune system and doesn't seem as efficient at optimising...hope they helps