anyone running ape hanger bars whats the limit of the cables not looking for...


anyone running ape hanger bars? whats the limit of the cables? not looking for crazy just looking to have my hand level with my shoulders. pics of your set up would be nice to no stock bars please

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  • i have put 400 miles at one time with these bars no problems with tired arms or sore shoulders

  • was like that with my stock bars for me back and shoulders always sore from long rides got the mustang seat helped my back and the bars gave my shoulders a break

  • stock bars

  • Mine are stock I think, just my risers are turned backwards to lift them

  • think that throws you off balance leaning to far forward

  • I'm pretty tall, I actually don't have to lean forward. I feel comfy the way it sits, just like to have them back a little more than they are.

  • have mine adjusted so that i sit up with a straight back .. im not that tall but these work for me and were cheap enough

  • Might be taller than you're looking for, but these are 16"ers on my vt750.

  • 4" risers with 12s

  • Jim how tall are you and what exact bars are those that's the riding position I'm looking for and the bars looks great on there

  • bradley .. im not real tall 5.6 and the bars i found on e-bay one day and ordered them they are about 3.5 in taller than my stock bars plus im using the stock risers