Anyone running area22 rear sets

Anyone running area22 rear sets?

  • Jamie Evans is I think.

    Only thing he said was - the spring to activate brake light doesn't always work I think it was... Sometimes will activate the light, sometimes it won't. Sometimes light stays on...

    Sure it's an easy fix tho

  • Cheers mate. Got a banjo pressure switch. Tempted to order some for overseas. Just cba to wait and import duty

  • Area22 is all just pre imported Thailand junk. It'll be a cast alloy part machined to look like billet CNC. Bit dodgy IMHO considering it holds your feet up and your swingarm to your engine to your frame.

  • Very true!

  • And have junk rusty screws and slack rose joints.

  • I know the feeling lol

  • Like Charlie said the only thing wrong with them is the shit Spring

  • Thanks bud. And the riding position is higher and further back yeah? Need more ground clearance

  • They are a little higher and a fair bit further back but you shouldn't have any clearance issues

  • Perfect. Thanks

  • Captain is like 7ft tall. He needs the clearance

  • Ahh right

  • Area22 is china not thailand. But some parts are pretty good. i agree i wouldnt use area 22 parts for safety parts

  • Everything I've bought has been utter shit, so wouldn't buy anything else.

  • The side covers, bellypan, sprocket cover and some holders are not bad

  • The integrated brake light is junk. I've only seen one but with just a handful of miles one stripe wasn't working.