• anyone running the new model are they as good as the first one is build...

    anyone running the new model? are they as good as the first one, is build quality still good?

    • I have the new model but I havent been on the first model so cant do a direct comparison between the two. I think the quality is really good in my opinion though.

    • well mechanically im pleased with the bike zero issues, just regular maintenance and all is great, i was not sure about the new shape to begin with but now i fell in love with it :)

    • I love the new shape over the old one. Has more of an aggressive look to it. Wasnt sure on the shaped seat at first but quickly got used to it.

    • i must admit i love it, who needs a bigger bike lol, these little things are just epic ;)

    • Stuart Sinclair has owned both

    • New model is awesome but not as comfy for stoppies. Side panels dig in to your legs

    • Build quality great except some of the welding on the frame. Wiring is a little flimsy in places but considering the retail price they are put together very well.

    • great, i took my msx off road, and it was ace, i did sheer one of the plastic lugs on one of the side panels, but it held up well, i like the new shape more, still think they should up the bike to 15bhp though

    • Same

    • Not alot of difference, new model is quicker, feels lighter, seems to be jacked up a little higher, and appearance

    • The first model was the originator... everyone's got the dodgy seat imitator

    • I know i hated that seat was like siting on a brick