Anyone selling a crosser or enduro I have 1 000 as from next month Still...

Anyone selling a crosser or enduro I have £1,000 as from next month. Still saving. If so PM me. Thank you

  • Yeah but it needs work and it's way too small for you

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  • This is my smallest bike and ride it no problem

  • Thats a sweet little Suzi. Is she running and how much do you want for her

  • Jay runs fine, needs gear selector adjusting, only got 1234, I adjusted the selector too much, before it ran 1 N 2 now I'm missing Nuetral and 5.

    To adjust it you take right side cover off, undo 5 clutch bolts, then another underneath, clutch is off, then there's a flathead with a locknut on it, either screw in or or unscrew the nut the adjust the selector and you can test what gears will work by shifting up and down and you can see it going into gear.

    I'm asking £380

    Tbh I bought it for wheelies but I need a 4 stroke

    Drum brakes front and rear

    Gold (ish) rims

    Original paint, numbers and stickers which come from factory

    All you need to do is clutch it when you start it, warm it up them ride,

  • Adam J Eke

  • Pm me