Anyone selling any axle sliders crash bungs. In the UK


Anyone selling any axle sliders/crash bungs? In the UK

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  • There the ones I have guys if that helps

  • Added to basket, cheers pal

  • The ones I shown u I dunno about as there obvs some sort of metal. Wouldn't they just dig in floor wen sliding and flip bike

  • I was wondering that, hopefully they would slide, but not too sure.

  • I believe there aluminium and soft stuff there is a American guy on YouTube who had them I really liked them just didn't wanna pay the dreaded import.

  • Surley they should make a hard rubber or plastic to sit in the end so they slide

  • Yeah exactly, fuck paying import

  • Would've thought so, but don't wanna spend that money + shipping + import/customs to find out they don't work properly lol

  • Same haha they do red and black to aswell

  • Would go well wit ya top box haha

  • Pmsl tbh I don't need these then my top box is a slider

  • You know lol I just want bit of protection for when I come off trying out stoppies or something

  • Tbh I want them so do damage exhaust and forks

  • True, not sure if would stop damage on a high mount pipe tho

  • Yea I dunno about that either now

  • Zuese armour but import from the us can cost

  • Any pics danny

  • and kevtek on facebook too

  • New batch of h2c ones just arrived in