Anyone selling oem touring screen I would like to sell my original screen...

Anyone selling oem touring screen? I would like to sell my original screen which is new...

  • I have a Givi tall screen

  • Would you like to trade iti for the short original screen?

  • yup, sounds fair

  • What condition is it in?

  • No scratches, just flies. lol

  • do we trade since i m from romania and you from england?:))

  • And can you show me a picture please?

  • ok wait please

  • how's that ?

  • Nice one:)

  • looks like the OE screen

  • Ok. How do we trade?

  • I'll post to you and you post to me. lol

  • Ok...seems fair. Have you any idea of the cost?

  • For postsge

  • sent you a friend request.