Anyone selling some mods


Anyone selling some mods?

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  • You in the uk

  • Yeah, Glastonbury

  • Ill depinately have the rearsets, dunno if i wanna change the wheels tho

  • Pic of 14,s ?

  • I will sell you, air box mod. whatever money you wanna give me ☺

  • Is that the cone piece?

  • Ok, will dust them off this week and get photographs for you

  • What width mate

  • I've got axle sliders

  • I think you talking about a velocity stack. Undo 8 screws to the air box the take the snorkel inside. Also on the filter there is a mesh grill remove that also. Put box back together and you'll gain 1hp.

  • I'll take the sliders

  • Both are the same width as stock front, 120 I think

  • I got a few bits

  • I'm stateside, dunno if it makes a difference to you

  • If the other guy doesn't want these I will have them.

  • What you got mate?

  • I can't read lol ignore me

  • Mainly stock m8

  • Ill defo have them

  • After some aftermarket parts sorry

  • Yep ignore me lol tired and lost the ability to read!

  • Got indicator adapters

    Chin fairing

    Rizoma grips


    That are non stock

  • Ah shit. I'm UK

  • How much for the seat and pics?

  • Can you feel the difference?

  • You can, when you take it out the bike can breath better. It may feel slow at first but after 14 miles of riding the bike will reprogram itself and give you the extra power.

  • What do you need to do to get them to fit?

  • Lots of stainless steel M12 and M8 washers from screwfix, and even more patience to space every thing correctly.

  • Exhaust

  • What exhaust Dan ?

  • This mate

  • Ahhh saw this on ebay not sure on the slow mount with all the speed bumps and dips in my area

  • Tbh it don't sit as low as u think

  • Just looks it from the pik what sort of clearance does it have

  • Well from header piper to can it's the same as stock and cans obvs higher

  • I never had a problum with it