Anyone streetfighter their storm


Anyone streetfighter their storm?

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  • Ernie Rituper

  • What do your guys do with all the wires there is under the speedo?

  • I did a full rewire on the front deleted what didn't need an moved all plugs back under the front of airbox. Bit of a job but worth it.

  • Mine just has a metal plate cut to shape that the clock fits on, seems okay.

  • Hayden Dorne Wonderful job!

  • Thanks mate.

  • I was just thinking of using exacly the same type of headlight LOL. But doubt I'll have the guts to do it in the end.

  • Works pretty well but little did I know how much work there was to sort out wiring just so it don't look messy hahaa

  • Yeah but I see you have a "superbike" kit (high bars), something like a KOSO tacho unit, the headlight... too much work to do for me ;-)

  • Yup Koso unit and the plug in for warning lights. Just done the bars but not sure I like it much. Yes a lot of work but it kept my outta trouble for awhile lol

  • Troubles? :-D

  • Yes plenty troubles till I figured it out. Had to keep the lil two lil circuit boards from old speedo one for fuel light the other for tacho or bike would rev above 5k

  • Very tidy!

  • Kinda like this cafe fighter style. Looks abit more aggressive.

  • Uhm... I prefer the look with the high bars. And must be easier to drive too, expecially in tight spots.

  • It's very comfy and was really surprised how flickable the bike is now. I did put the spacer in rear shock though as I had to lift front up again to fit the bars

  • Right... unless you fit ultra-high risers. Not recommended :-p

  • Yea I didn't want too high. Had to replace the front brake lines anyway but the standard length ones just fit now

  • I think I'll never get around to do all of that LOL 'cause in the end I like the bike as it is but the clip-ons are a bit a pain in tight bends.

  • Didn't find em too bad but the angle all wrong for me and with my ulnar nerve issues it killed my left hand. I was goin to try some aftermarket wider and adjustable clip ons but went high rise instead.

  • Good choice :-D

  • Hayden Dorne any pictures of the rewire under the airbox?

  • Ran wires through the frame after taking out the plastic pieces that cover all that area up

  • Managed to fit all plugs and wiring in front of carby. Reroute some wires out the right and some out the left so it didn't leave a bulky loom like the standard one. Just to get all blinkers working with dash etc the blinker wire had to be split into three single pin plugs. Could of join all together but then if wanted to remove something I had to cut wire. Takes abit of thought I tell ya haha