Anyone thought of or using a rear splash guard


Anyone thought of or using a rear splash guard?.

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  • It does have a plate holder but you don't have to use it. If you have L plates you could use it for that

  • Tony J we had a customer come in a few weeks back and asked us to fit this mud guard very similar to the one you are looking at

    Quality wasn't great but was an easy fit -carbon-rear-fender-mud-guard-v2

  • The brackets just look dog shit. And not sure how they go on custom swing arm.

  • Yea brackets were shit but it done the job lol

    Fitting to stock swinger was very straight forward

    Fitting to the G-Craft arm tho will require some bending haha

  • Clamps on the stock caliper holder. So it doesn't matter what swing arm you have as long as it's using stock caliper. The bracket is CNC alu and looks pretty decent to me. Also seriously way lighter than steel options which are bound to chip and rust.

  • That bracket looks good might have to invest

  • Aaron Mortimer, can you post some pics of it fitted when you get it?

  • Sure. Package just got to Spain from thailand... Should only be like 3 weeks down to Gibraltar