• Anyone tried these For switching to LED indicators without splicing and anyone...

    Anyone tried these? For switching to LED indicators without splicing, and anyone recommend a cheap relay

    • The fronts are a 3 pin plug not two

    • You don't need them

      Rears are bullet connectors any way and the front has 3 wires so these are no good for you mate

    • They will work with aftermarket indicators they slide in the three pin connecter . The third connection is for the indicators to stay on (like factory spec) which you don't need with aftermarket ones

    • ^^ which is why I wondered what your plan was with running lights? (My head hurts now)

    • Yeah would cut out the 3rd wire I'm told but lights don't even have a 3rd wire and I think I would prefer it without running indicator lights

    • Yeah the running lights look stupid , it's also easier to fit the led relay than the resistors and it's neater

    • Yeah that was my main thing checking if the 2 pin would fit in the 2 pin but only connecting 2 obviously

    • Yeah done it on mine . Had the r&g kit .

    • You used a 2 pin into the 3?

    • I just saw the flush mount GROM indicators on TST Industries uses this in there kit

    • Yeah it fits in , the third is for daytime running lights .

    • Brad Taylor yeah know that just making sure it pops in flush too. Thanks I'll have to order some along with a cheap relay and LED indicators, any advice

    • No not really easy job

    • Sweet I'll get them ordered and let you guys know. Shame someone isn't selling parts labelled for GROM aslong as they fit.