Anyone up for swaps can add cash


Anyone up for swaps can add cash

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  • Ryan Brain

  • Jamie Evans ur black one

  • I'll swap. I'm in Arizona. If you are serious let me know. 2014 grom with 800 miles. Completely stock.

  • 2t?

  • Shipping might cost you a bit lol :')

  • Yeah it is

  • I'm in Plymouth in England bud

  • Why am I tagged lols?

  • Why not. You wanted a swap before.

  • Not for a 2 stroke lol plus Iv got my mod 2 today so no doubt the grom will stay aswell keep it for town bike

  • Good luck ry mate

  • Ship to Ireland please please please?

  • Cheers boh

  • No

  • It's alright mate you out later?

  • I would but cost a fortune

  • Possibly will let you know abit later dude

  • Yeah I understand

  • Okay mate

  • Impossible to get good mechanics and parts here anyways

  • Fair one bud it's jut having a fresh rebuild right now haha

  • Hmmmm

  • Wouldn't touch it I've owned 2 .. Fast yeah but the groms are to much fun

  • that's be naughty

  • Dex Allen well then I would always leave you behind

  • not when I fix mone

  • Dex Allen mate if I got this I would make it as fast as my old one

  • Pm me for details

  • Mileage, year?

  • Offers or swap for supermoto or on road crosser

    Rs 125 full power 2010

    engine rebuild (getting done in 2 weeks)

    10 months mot

    10,000 miles

    Will need to be ran in

    Few age related marks

    Full history

    Quick bike

    Pm me for more details