Anyone use the KTM headlight on the grom if so is it straight forward setup...


Anyone use the KTM headlight on the grom? if so, is it straight forward setup and easy to make the brackets etc etc :) cheers

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  • Lol that's what I'm thinking of doing

  • Ive seen it done before looks really good on grom- theres a ktm replica light on ebay 30 quid with hi/lo beam too

  • Watching it already

  • Hahah only one way to find out ! - i will probably order one next week and make a bracket for it

  • I don't think it needs one as comes with strap things

  • I looked at there compatible bikes and grom isnt on there :(

  • It's a grom Anything can be done, Ive got this style paste thing to go on bit thinking light bar under it

  • Ah i see what mean about the speedo :/