• anyone used a cb400 swinging arm on a 900f been looking into it as I hear its...

    anyone used a cb400 swinging arm on a 900f?,been looking into it as I hear its quite an easy swap to do, not found much info so far just wondering what year to use? theres the later vtec or the nc31,as far as I can tell the nc31 shares the same dia disc as the cbr600 wheel I'm going to fit, so would you used the 400 rear calliper, bracket and axle too? , any input from someone that has done it would be great

    • You should become a member of 1100f.net I think what you want me to do the bike on the cover page has it done

    • I am a member...its just so hard to find any info on there..the search facilityis awful....unless I'm doing something wrong!

    • You're probably doing something wrong as I do. You are trying to use the swing arm on the cover page bike ride

    • I used a Triumph TT600 complete rear end and it fitted straight in

    • I put cb400sf in the search bar at 1100.net and found many Trends on I think what you need or want. Can't figure out how to share a link to a very good one from the cover bike. This will help you

    • cheers terry will give it a shot

    • The bike with the 400 swinging arm is in this thread...........................http://www.cb1100f.net/modules .php?name=Forums&file=viewtopi c&t=43964

    • I'm just trying with ideas at the moment, I want to leave it twinshock but would like a box section arm to compliment the CBR f2 wheels I have for it. Just looking for a swap that's relatively cheap and straight forward.

    • GSXR600 an JES BUILT DIY kit. Jim Sawtell at JES BUILT help me

    • Trx850 works well. .

    • I would love that set up Terry.but at the moment funds don't allow... Looks the dogs that tho mate

    • What does that entail? Any alterations to frame or arm? What calliper and bracket did you use ?

    • Got the swinger from ebay for 55$.

    • how much was the fitting kit from jesbuilt?

    • You'll have to contact him with that one buddy. he owed me in a trade

    • Had to make a new pacer for the middle of the arm. The part the spindle runs in. And machine a little off each side of the arm pivot. . Easy stuff for a machine shop to do. . Caliper and bracket is cbr6 not sure what model. Most likely f2 . . I did have an f2 wheel in it. But one in the pic is fireblade .

    • My spacer kit and NO machining and boom you have a 20" long GSXR600 arm in the bike. Easy for anybody.