Anyone used a GL1000 Electronic ignition on their 450


Anyone used a GL1000 Electronic ignition on their 450?

Just wondering how hard they are to adapt?

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  • Looks just like the charlies place one

  • David's right. Charlie's last manufacturer in China (he's moved it to local Los Angeles manufacture now) was stealing his design and starting to produce units.

    You may save $150 or so, but you're buying crappy workmanship on a nicked design. Just know that.

  • People steal my Ideas Daily

  • I will tell you this, I had a Pamco which died after 80 miles. And it was hell finally getting a refund. I installed a Charlie's place, had a technical question, called up Charlie and he answered the phone personally on the second ring. Answered my questions and sent me a replacement piece overnight. They have my highest endorsement.

  • I had my pamco E advance go out due to a poor place of wiring on my part... and he sent me an entire replacement system. Got there in two days too.

  • You're one of the lucky ones.

  • He really needs a business phone. Emailing sucks. I hit him up on the HT forums

  • So true . When you get your receipt, no phone number or return address either! Very evasive, this Pamco Pete.

  • I can't even get him to sell me one !

  • isnt pamco pete a woman

  • David Pesarchick no one has seen him. Sorta like the wizard of Oz.

  • Pamco is, from what I know a one man operation so communication can be problematic. I have head generally good things about the product.

  • Used Pamcos ignition on several of my long rides. Took some time before Pete got the new model with electronic advancer working spot on but mine works really sweet now and has done so for tens of thousands of km's.

  • Glenn, are you talking about adapting the Dyna ignition for GL1000 to 450. Think I've seen that done somewhere but it was quite a lot of work and you had to void the warranty on the unit.

  • Was just wondering how hard it'd be.

    This is what Dime City sell, but they just tell you to email them with regards to fitting

  • Can't wait for my pamco

  • Glenn Bryant the Dyna mod isn't too hard, you just have to space out the points cover. I have an email from DCC detailing how it's done, with pictures, using a spare cover. I can forward that to you, along with an extra cover I bought. I ended up going with Pamco

  • Thanks Mark.

    Reading about electronic ignitions fizzing out, I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't just stay with good ole points

  • Get a Charlie's Place unit - it's what I use every time now.