• Anyone want Ohlins

    Anyone want Ohlins?

    • Sounds cheap looks good I'm only skinny so wouldn't effect me much lol bargain

    • #madeinchina

    • Be spot on as a paperweight

    • $38!!

      Can I have three ?

    • Why am I tempted to try this out :')

    • Color blind, it happens

    • Probably still better than stock, until it pops

    • My old pitbike had Chinese shock (whole bike was Chinese) I went over a couple bumps and it snapped in half...

    • I've abused pitbikes and Chinese bikes and never had nothing snapped off or seals broke...

    • I've had atleast 10 and all of them have broke down or snapped something during

      The one I was riding yesterday exhaust bracket snapped and my Muffler flew off

    • My genuine fake yoshi