Anyone wire their bike for a gps. Garmin. Thinking I d like to do this

Anyone wire their bike for a gps? Garmin.Thinking I'd like to do this? Not sure how difficult or easy for a Rebel

  • Just a judgement at all. Do you have an app on your smartphone for GPS? If so, you can get a RAMBOX and install the mount for it (waterproof) on your handlebars, and use your smartphone's GPS.

  • I have a hard time with the navigation on my phone for some reason.

    But yes a thought I had also

  • TomTom is okay, but I prefer using "Maps" app on my iphone.

  • I thought about it, then got a ram mount and used my android smartphone with the free offline maps app, no complaints here!

  • I have to maybe learn my maps on iPhone better lol

  • For you folks who use your phone for NAV on the rebel. Can you see it OK? I find it difficult to see my phone in the sunlight. Even with the phone at full brightness.

  • Other reason I'd like to wire her up for Garmin.

  • Yea, I would like to use my tomtom. There are many ways to wire up your bike for GPS. You can wire a 12v outlet right to your battery, with a fuse, and mount it to your handlebars. I wired one of these, 703633?_trksid=p2057872.m2749. l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX %3AIT, to my handle bars.

  • Thank. You Paul Dougherty!!

  • If you have a garmin 550,660 Garmin makes a motor cycle handle bar mount !

  • Looking to pick up a Garmin in next week or so. Will look for those. Thanks!!!!

  • The biggest difference between a gps device and cell phone is gps uses satellite and cell phone uses cell tower.

  • Plus eats data and battery life.

  • I have unlimited data so no worries there. If usually try to download the google maps to my phone so I can turn of data and wifi to extend battery life.

  • I wired in a Battery Tender plug and picked up the Battery Tender USB port. Plugs into the outlet and you connect any standard charging cable. I also got a waterproof case for my Galaxy S4 so I can use it for Google Maps navigation. It works beautifully. I can see it in all but the brightest direct sunlight, but that's also the case when I used my friend's TomTom in a similar case.

  • I had unlimited data and a power plug, so it worked perfectly for me. Going to get the TomTom app for my deactivated iPhone for offline use from now on since I no longer have unlimited data. I did take one trip (100 miles or so) with the new phone, and it only used up around 30MB of data. Not great, but not a crippling amount, either. Very manageable unless you travel a lot.

  • That's the problem besides screen. Is I'm planning a BIG ride. Lol