• Anyone with a 2004 aero know the length of the pull throttle cable clutch cable...

    Anyone with a 2004+ aero know the length of the pull throttle cable, clutch cable, and brake line? Or a website that has the lengths?

    • Try google search you'll be surprised

    • Yea, surprised I couldn't find lengths, just websites selling them lol

    • When I ordered mine from mean cycle they just asked what size bar and they added what was needed mine was +14" for all

    • And I'm trying to see how much longer stock aero cables are than my spirit cables

    • I think aero are 4" longer then spirit that is about rise in bar

    • Are you trying to use aero stuff

    • There is a good cruiser customizing video on YouTube that is good to show you how to measure for your lines

    • I'll post the link in my timeline

    • I'm trying to see if I can use aero cables, to see if they will fit. I took my risers off, put 1.5" risers on, and now have 12" apes. I understand how to measure what length I need, like I had said, I just need to know what length the 2004+ 750 or 1100 aero cables are. If I can get the actual length of them, I will know if they will fit. But all I hear people say is I think they're about this long. Just don't wanna spend $40+ on an extended throttle cable, when I could spend $10 instead

    • Do the mean cycles cables come lubricated and ready to install, or do you have to lube them yourself? I got my clutch cable from motion pro, dry, and still need to order my throttle cables.

    • You have to lube

    • Bump. Anyone with a 2004+ aero that can check for me?