• Appreciate the add Just got back on a motorcycle Ended up choosing a VT 600...

    Appreciate the add! Just got back on a motorcycle. Ended up choosing a VT 600 Shadow!

    • Honestly Mark this bike may well be a 99. I just found out today the the guy I got it from failed to mention it was a salvaged title. I believe the frame is 2003. But the parts could be older. He failed to mention the vehicles title state when purchasing it. He has a business next to a used car dealer who title and registered my bike that night. And still failed to mention the salvage rebuild. He had committed a second degree misdemeanor as of right now. Speaking to my attorney right now to see what legal action is and should be done for this. This surprise just ruined my day..

    • I have the same bike with hd blackcherry paint ad 9000 miles on it. When I picked it up

    • Not too thrilled about this little guy.

    • Mine has a rebuilt salvage to... as long as she goes down the road

    • Did the person say it was rebuilt and made it clear to you it was?

    • Sorry to hear you having problems

    • I'll get them figured out. Thank god I have the law on my side. Everything he has done so far is illegal. And there were witnesses and paper work signed. So well see how it turns up. I had a few of my state trooper buddies run the tag to make sure it went to the bike. I also had him run the vin to see anything else. Will get word back shortly.

    • No he did not

    • Hmm. Is all paperwork and numbers right James?

    • Yup