• Are bars a good mod. Worth doing

    Are bars a good mod? Worth doing?

    • 100%!!

    • Feel great look great

    • yes

    • This is the 2015 grom

    • yes

    • Nice

    • Is that ET on the bar

    • thanks only difference is the boomerangs are painted the same color as the bike and some stickers nothing mayor lol

    • yes lmaoo

    • I hope the 2016 model don't change because I just got my 2015 grom

    • my brother will be getting the 2016 next year hope the price stays the same

    • Yeah price seem to be going up on the grom they are too popular now

    • Looks like a set of bars will be purchased at end of month

    • Hi guys, just got a 15 grom and am looking to change to lower bars too. What diameter is stock?

    • If u are talking about the handlebar then it 7/8

    • Yes, thank you Tuyen Thanh